Golden Knights Card Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for the Golden Knights Card?

Any 'first time' student is not charged for their initial card.

How long will it take once my Golden Knights Card On‐Line Application is submitted?

First time students will receive their card during their school orientation. Replacement cards, however, must be picked up at the Golden Knights Card Office.

What is the largest file size I can upload?


What photo file types do you accept?

JPEG (.jpg) only are accepted.

How do I convert iPhone photos to JPEG?

Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone and go to “Camera” Choose “Formats” and select “High Efficiency” to capture iPhone photos in HEIF / HEVC format. Recommended, next to go “Photos” and under the 'Transfer to Mac or PC' section choose “Automatic” to automatically convert the HEIF images to JPEG upon file transfer.

What is an acceptable Government ID?

An acceptable government ID is a current state driver’s license or non-driver ID card, a military ID card or an unexpired passport.

What happens if the photo I supply does not meet the requirements specified by Golden Knights Card Office?

Your application for a Golden Knights Card will be delayed. You will receive an email indicating the reason why the photo is not acceptable and will have to either re‐upload another picture or visit the Golden Knights Card Office to obtain your Golden Knights Card.

How do I get a replacement card?

To receive your replacement card you will have to go in person to the Golden Knights Card Office.

Replacement card fee is $30.00.

The replacement cost of $30.00 will be assessed to your student account immediately following the issuance of the replacement card. For additional help and information, contact the Golden Knights Card Office which is located in Saint Joseph Hall on the third floor in the Student Solution Center, room 318. The Golden Knights Card Office can be reached by phone at 518-337-4694.

I have a question not listed here, who can I email?